Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

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Crystal Castles at the Big Day Out in Sydney 2011 --
that was a night out!
Having surrendered the joys of previous Saturdays to that unproductive and vaguely remorseful feeling that generally follows a Friday where a lot of money has been spent and way too much alcohol consumed, I’ve learnt to mistrust my judgement as to the appropriate time to go home on a Friday evening.

There are simply too many vitiating factors that allow a contract with one’s sensible sober self to be able to be set aside. For example, obviously a contractual term specifying “one drink” should be read as “one round”. One drink is one round, everyone knows that, you can’t let someone buy you a drink and not return the favour; and if you’ve bought three or four drinks for everyone else you’ll want to get your money’s worth. Additionally, if the current establishment is a bit quiet, going somewhere more lively is always going to imply an obligation to stay at that place a bit longer. Midnight is really two, that’s another element to remember in the construction and interpretation of contractual terms with your evening self. You’d know this if you’ve ever tried to act on a commitment to go home at midnight - the first hour of the day is also the liveliest hour of the night. It’s almost impossible to leave when so many other people are obviously having fun, even if you’re not.

Although, to be fair, the idea that you can just make do with three hours sleep and then you’ll be fine is really nothing but a convenient legal fiction and in truth a most mendacious lie.

So it has come to the point that during the cold light of day I now view my night-time self as a person of Mr Hyde type malevolence. For example, last Thursday I went to see an event that was part of the Sydney Writer’s Festival: the Chaser’s “Empty Vessel”. As a precaution I put no less than five alarms on my phone between the hours of ten and eleven-thirty reminding me to go home at the end of the event. Being a Thursday I could brook no chance of waking up hung-over for work. I don’t really think this is socially acceptable after you’ve completed your first under-graduate degree. Not to mention the fact that it’s not exactly professional either.

Anyway, the scary thing was that as I was diligently putting reminders on my phone to keep my night-out self on the path of the righteous, I could just picture myself later surreptitiously deleting them from my phone and dancing with wild abandon in some King’s Cross den of iniquity.

OK, maybe that last line was half fantasy -- deleting them from my phone and ordering a second round in any case. Because the second round is no longer lying to yourself. After the second round you’re on a night-out.
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Unknown said...

That was a good read. You are having way more fun that I am, that's for certain!

Judie said...

While you were out having more fun than you should, I was talking to the police who came to my home to investigate the damage done by teen-age vandals who tried to steal my patio furniture that had just been recovered, and who then climbed up on the canopy of my gazebo and walked around on in, ripping the pergola to shreds and bending the entire frame. I seriously wanted a good stiff drink, but I had made a vow to only drink at monthly get-togethers, and am bound and determined to keep that vow.
There is nothing worse than waking up the morning after the night before to find that your tongue is glued solidly to the roof of your mouth and your ears are ringing.

Very funny post!!!!

JJ said...

Akseli: "[T]he path of the righteous." I've heard of that.

Mari Sterling Wilbur said...

Practical advice lol. I'm now following your site and hope you will follow me in return.

Regards, Mari


Francis Hunt said...

You can stay out late, get less than enough sleep ... and still function. Not very easy, but it can be done.

You can drink quite a bit, get eight hours sleep ... and still function. Not very easy, but that can be done too.

You can stay out late, drink quite a lot and then get less than enough sleep.
That one's more difficult ... :-)

Tom Hakkinen said...

Haha! Pagan Sphinx, maybe you should've asked me Friday morning how much fun I was having! Actually, I got home a little after eleven so it wasn't so bad.

Judie, that's terrible. I can definitely sympathise with your desire for a stiff drink. I also don't like having a drink by myself - except maybe a glass of red with dinner.

JJ, it's just sticking to it that's the hard part. What's the old saying "the road to purgatory is paved with good intentions" or something?

Thanks for following Mari, I'll definitely check out your blog.

Francis, you're exactly right. It's the combination that gets you! I think we've all gone a week with too little sleep and then had to top-up the sleep bank come the weekend. But I think your body is less willing to offer you any credit when you've spent the night intentionally abusing your kidneys!

Judie said...

Akseli, I'll just have a glass with you, and you can make mine red as well! Cheers!

Anonymous said...

I haven't had such a night out in several decades. These nights are for you young people!
By midnight, I'm in bed. Boring, I know.


Man that would be awesome to see Crystal Castles live. If they ever come to CA I will be there.

Judie said...

Akseli, thanks for the comment on my post. I have been a golfer for 26 years!!!
I have a new post out. Please stop by abd check it out!