A Very Uncomfortable Suit

Image via Tom Häkkinen
A rainy afternoon at Circular Quay.
I have nothing against suits. Regular readers might remember my article about wearing a tie in an Australian public school. But this particular suit that I met today might explain why some people do dislike “suits”.

Catching the ferry into the city again this morning, I felt something of a trailblazer, as, on account of a minuscule spattering of rain, all of the other ferry commuters were huddled inside, and no-one else was standing on the outside decks. So, Columbus like, I showed the way by opening the door to the front deck and bravely standing out in the elements. Truly the rain was insignificant, it was like a Hertfordshire spring shower, some of the rain drops were so tiny that they didn’t even fall down, instead just swirling about in the air, but still the open deck at the front of the ferry remained empty except for myself. Looking back, the doors to the inside area of the ferry resembled the doors to the Hydrotherapy pool at your local public baths - all fogged-up and sweaty. I was perplexed that I was really the only one who preferred the fresh sea air to a room packed with wet human beings.

As the ferry got moving, some others also came out onto the front deck. Obviously following my brave example. By the time we’d reached Circular Quay, I was in a state of complete content, conscious that I should savour the serene beauty of this rainy morning on the harbour.

However, I soon discovered that at least one of the suits who’d ventured out onto the open-air front deck was an unwilling convert to the outdoors lifestyle. After struggling with the door back into the ferry and in an obvious state of agitation he turned to me, stuttering and stammering to release all of the obscenities he thought necessary to explain the “disgraceful” level of service on the ferry, he complained that the air-conditioning in the ferry had broken down.

Image via Tom Häkkinen
Sunset over Port Jackson.
He was indifferent to my attempt at being agreeable and completely ignored my comment that yes, inside it was in fact “like a sauna”. Perhaps because I had ignored my own advice from last week’s blog and pronounced sauna like it is in Finnish (rhymes with shower, not corner); or more likely because he had made a bee-line to someone who would be much more useful for the purposes of expressing grievances. As I overheard him repeating his complaint to a member of staff (this time sans obscene language), I realised that he wasn’t in fact making friendly conversation, rather I was just the first person unfortunate enough to come within range of spraying out a load of invective.

When I got off at Circular Quay, instead of jumping on the first available train, I walked another 7 minutes to the next nearest train station, just to savour a little more the lovely peace and quiet afforded by the rain.

NB: I didn't have the presence of mind to take photos of Circular Quay on my rainy morning trip - so rainy afternoon photos will have to suffice.


PAMO said...

First, gorgeous photos! I'm sure your morning commute was every bit as beautiful in its own way.
I love the title of your post! It feeds so nicely into the discussion.

Isn't it amazing how some people worry more about the insignificant things rather than focusing on what is right in front of them? Glad you enjoyed your morning and now I've enjoyed it too.

I did read your tie post earlier and thought it was wonderful!

You have such a smooth, elegant way of writing-- a pleasure to read.

Akseli Koskela said...

Thanks PAMO, yes I think some people real take for granted the good fortune that they have sometimes.

Judie said...

Great post! I could feel what you were feeling! And that guy? Well, he was probably just constipated!

JJ said...

Akseli: I read the prior article, and as I remember, I felt sorry for your compelled work attire. You're a better man than I, who will not wear such duds. However, the gentleman you describe in this post dons undergarments that are much too tight.

Akseli Koskela said...

Haha Judie and JJ! I think that both of you are on to something. How else could you explain his obvious discomfort!

roxy said...

I'm pretty sure that guy would have found something to complain about if the sun had been shining and the skies were azure blue. Beautiful photographs, as always. I envy your commute!

Karyn said...

I love your positive attitude. I also love mist rain.

#167 Dad said...

I dig your positive mojo, Akseli.
Nicely written story.
Living in Phoenix, Arizona, I have a true appreciation for rain.