And yes focusses is an ugly word, it may be a legitimate English word but it’s still ugly, Western Europe’s Latin forefathers never meant to blight the world with such a monstrous lack of euphony in a plural when they invented the word “focus”, they had a pleasant sounding plural “foci”, but unfortunately this much nicer plural is an obscure word known only to mathematicians and geometers.


Fickle Cattle said...

I thought it was focuses. With one "s". Oh well, English isn't my native language so I have an excuse. Besides, English is so difficult to perfect. So many weird rules.

Fickle Cattle

Akseli Koskela said...

Unless I'm very much mistaken, in the English of the United Kingdom and most Commonwealth countries (that is, the English of her Royal Highness) it is spelt with two s's whereas in American English it has one s.

Although of course, I would prefer that the word didn't exist at all and everyone used "foci" but that will never happen!