Celebrity Spotting: Tony Robinson

Image via Akseli Koskela
Tony Robinson and wife Louise Hobbs

Waiting in the easyJet queue who do you think I spotted as I was double-checking everything in our bags on the way to Italy?

I was hunched over a half zipped-up suitcase when all of a sudden I heard the familiar voice of the narrator of “Tales from Fat Tulip’s Garden”. Yes, the voice so familiar to me from a daily ritual of coming home from school and watching ABC for kids. I recognised it instantly and turned around to see standing behind me in the queue Tony Robinson and his daughter - in the same queue as me at Gatwick airport. Yes, Baldrick, from Blackadder, just there.

Before, I could introduce myself and ask to be taken in a photo with him, I was called to the counter to check-in. But as it happened it didn’t matter, because Baldrick, I mean Tony Robinson, was in fact also flying to Pisa, presumably for a Tuscan break. So I saw him again in the security queue, again in the queue to board the plane, again at the baggage carousel in Pisa and again milling outside the airport on the phone to his friend in Tuscany who hadn’t picked him up (or someone anyway). But, seeing so much of Tony Robinson, it slowly dawned on me that he wasn’t in fact travelling with his daughter. Standing behind him in the security queue I watched his hand wander up the mysterious lady’s top and stroke her back and I realised all of a sudden that he was travelling with his partner!

The childhood, uncle-like figure that I had known from “Fat Tulip’s Garden” was dissolving before my eyes into a caricature of a lecherous old man! So although I never got in a photo with him, I did manage this Paparazzo-style photo of him with his better half.

Unfortunately, my paparazzi-skills need brushing-up. Perhaps, my journalism skills as well, a quick google search will reveal that Tony Robinson has been married to Louise Hobbs, who is two years younger than his daughter, since 2006. Presumably a happy couple - well who can argue with that?
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Serkan Ozturk said...

Baldrick went through a career resurgence with that documentary series, 'Worst Jobs in History' or something like that in the mid-2000s.

I think he continues to host similar type light-doco series.

I like the blurriness of your photo. Makes it seem more lurid.

Akseli Koskela said...

Thanks, maybe there's hope for my future career as paparazzo yet!

Anonymous said...

I went to school with Louise Hobbs - she was then obsessed with Matt Goss of Bros fame! Tony must have been a close close second!

Anonymous said...

I think they've split up now, haven't they?

Anonymous said...

Tony Robinson married Louise Hobbs in June 2011 in Ravello on the Amalfi coast.
He presents the Archaeology tv series Time Team.

Anonymous said...

Lucky! I wish I could just run into huge celebs like that, Tony Robinson being one!
Well, I have met Colin Firth but it didn't just happen like that. It took rushing back from Skye to get a drink and walk all the way down to Bo'ness Railway station and wait for ages to be in a convo with Stellen Stasgard (if that's how you spell it) to meet the man himself. But seeing as I wasn't rushing, I got a picture! Then I met him again the next day. That provided a whole afternoon of waiting and I almost met Nicole Kidman! But she was a bit uneasy because if the weather..... That's Scotland....
I waited for the whole day and that's all I had, cause after that he needed to leave, sadly :( but I was soooo happy that I met him. Just wish I could meet Tony, too : )